Green Business Concept

Topics: Sustainability, Management, Ecology Pages: 4 (778 words) Published: July 3, 2012

Green Business

Greenness has become an indispensable component of all spheres of activities. It is therefore critical to advance thinking on why and how business, consumers and policy makers can contribute to the goal of sustainable global wealth creation. Thus, it is high time for the business community, academic sorority and other stakeholders of the society. The need reflects for strategic sustainability issues confronting contemporary business, and explores the transformation in values, strategies, and practices needed by modern businesses to attain sustainable business. The seminar on “Green Business and Sustainable Development”, being organized by Sagar Global Business School (SGBS) is a sincere endeavor to address the issue of the usage of Green Technology & Green Management Practices which aims to bring under one umbrella, the leading academicians, scientists, engineers, government leaders, and business executives to consider the transformation in business values and strategies implicit in sustainability. Green Business, Green Values and sustainability offers a concise and definitive green transformation of business in major sectors including government, finance, energy, and retail. Different solutions to sustainability is explored including ethical approaches, alternative environmental strategies, corporate responsibility, and carbon reductions.

Significance of Green Business

Better Green Business brings together practical insights and start-to-finish strategies from moving any enterprise to a higher level of environmental stewardship. Our main purpose is to possess extensive experience form working across industries and functional boundaries which shows systematically drive “win-win situation. growing top-line revenue, helping customers increase efficiency, and improving the environment at the same time. The following are the main purpose of our workshop

1. To introduce powerful business process transformation methodologies and...
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