Green Branding Effects on Attitude

Topics: New Zealand, Marketing, Environmentalism Pages: 3 (647 words) Published: April 18, 2013

There have been a lot of literature reviews over the years on consumers’ behaviors towards green products as well as green marketing resulting from consumers’ concern on environmental protection.

Using Hallin (1995) and McCarty and Shrum (2001), Lorache, Bergeron, and Barbaro-Forleo (2001) and Yam-Tang and Chan (1998), the study was conducted to test among New Zealand consumers’ behavior towards purchasing green products.

This study was done on New Zealand’s consumer as the country has always been perceived as a “clean and green” country and its consumers were assumed with high environmental conscious.

Review of the Literature

The authors begin with a brief review of literature that supports the ideas that consumers’ indication of positive attitude towards environmental issues do not necessarily lead to actual environmental friendly purchasing behavior (Laroche et al., 2002).

This research provided theoretical and managerial implication. Theoretical implication is to add support to previous research which showed that consumers are concerned about the environment, but not necessarily prepared to seek out or buy green products (Foster, 1989: Wasik 1992). In terms of managerial implication, it provides indication to marketers on targeted consumers that purchase green products.

This research also identified factors that discriminate between those who purchase green products and those who don’t.

The authors point out the gaps in existing literature. They mentioned that most studies have focused on general environmental behavior. Therefore, the authors suggest studies on more specific consumers’ purchasing behavior are done.

The authors conclude that their study provides some important contribution to the green marketing theory for future research agenda.

Method of the Study

The authors state they used qualitative choice models in analyzing participation in a variety of activities.

Data collection from mail surveys...
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