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  • Published : January 1, 2013
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Green Belt Performance Test Questions

1. Explain Fog of War
a. Fog of War is when you’re trying to adjust to the pace of returning to your parent command vice being deployed for example: adjusting to not working 12 on 12 off. 2. Explain Right versus Wrong

b. Right versus Wrong is using the checks and balances of how to stay out of any kind of trouble. 3. Explain Combat Leadership
c. Combat Leadership is not showing fear to the Marines who are junior to you in the combat zone and always being able to make clear and calm decisions even if you’re afraid. 4. Explain EPW/Detainee Handling

d. EPW/Detainee Handling being able to search for weapons on the EPW, segregate the prisoner from the other prisoners so that they don’t influence them, silence the prisoner, speed to make sure the prisoner gets to point a in a timely manner, safeguard to ensure no one hurts or mistreats the prisoner, and tag the prisoner with the date and time of capture also known as 5 S’s and a T. 5. Explain Force Protection

e. Added protective measures to ensure that the outside perimeters of the base are safe of high risk accidents or attacks. 6. Explain Informal Resolution System
f. Informal Resolution System is when you resolve a conflict at the lowest level possible. 7. Explain Dealing with Fear
g. Dealing with fear is being able to show a brave face when you don’t know what to expect. 8. Explain Dealing with Fatigue
h. Dealing with Fatigue being able to still make clear and calm decisions even after being exhausted. 9. Explain Marine Corp Values
i. Marine Corp Values: Honor, Courage, and Commitment as a Marine we are required to apply these values to our daily lives.
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