Green Architecture

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Green Architecture: An Environmentally Healthy Option

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May 2, 2013
1. Topic: Green Architecture: An Environmentally Healthy Option 2. Motivation for selecting the topic:
As humans, we should be aware of the implications that pollution brings as well as the depletion of what nature that caters the cycle of life is supposed to be. We should provide a solution, if not, a remedy, to the problems that this would bring about. Green Architecture is one modern tool that is sought to be an answer for the need of continuous residential and industrial construction all over the world. The matter is very essential because of the problems that concern everyone; the decrease in number of agricultural area to till because of technological modernization thus such subject is the means to integrate the area for planting with that of homes of citizens as well as the structures for the working class. 3. Topic: the topic is all about green architecture.

Objective: We want to know the advantage of green architecture to conventional architecture. The problem caused by the conventional architecture and how green architecture will solve the problem. We also want to learn the guidelines in using green architecture. Learn the difference from conventional architecture and contribution in environmental protection significantly. To know what green architecture is all about. We also want to know is green architecture practicing in the Philippine and if it still continue. Methodology: We will use some books in the library of architecture in the mapua, some resources in the internet and we want to ask one professor in mapua that is practicing architecture and have background in topic that we have. Results: We prove after some reading, green architecture is more important than conventional architecture. Recommendation:

A. According to the resources that we have green architecture has a low cost. They are kind of building that use the power of sun in order to meet the energy needs and to reduce global warming. One of the resources talks give example like an Indian. The resources explain what Indian people use for their house and it shows safe from building illnesses. Other resources explaining about having a conventional architecture and the result of having this. Almost all the resources that we have is about the advantage and what green architecture all about. They also share the result of having the conventional architecture and some guidelines of when using the green architecture. B. They give some principle/ guidelines in using green architecture but we still not it is not enough to know the principles, we need to understand. We decided to interview one of the professors in mapua that will allow us to know more about the green architecture that will explain to us everything, tell us if this program is progressive in the Philippine and if there is someone supporting in this activity.

Article1: Going Green Guidelines (2007)
Author: Amado De Jesus

Green Architecture is a new trend currently being used by numerous countries. It is the practice of building structures which are environmentally responsible and resource-efficient all throughout the structure’s life-cycle: from design to deconstruction. It differs from conventional in numerous ways.

Green Architecture is a means of reducing building operating costs (such as energy consumption and maintenance), and it also encompasses the basic principles of having a healthy lifestyle.
Green Architecture was also used in order to reduce costs in production.

De Jesus, A. (2007). Going green guidelines.

Article2: What is Green Architecture? (2007)
Source: Retrieve August 8, 2010 from What_is_green_architecture%3F Author: Amado De Jesus

Green Architecture follows five primary principles that separate into sub-principles. The principles stated De Jesus are:...
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