Topics: Recycling, Environmentalism, Environmental movement Pages: 2 (593 words) Published: August 12, 2012
Go Green, Go Read Essay
Here are some reasons why you should go green, go read. You should go green so you could help the environment stay clean. Not only our environment also other places. Another reason why should go green is so that you can save the earth. You should read. You should read so that you could learn lots of things. Another reason is so that you could get smarter. When you read you may also read facts about going green and why you should read books. You could trade books with your friends so that you could read more. This is not only called sharing it also helps you save some money. Sometimes reading is also entertainment. When you see other children reading you suddenly see them laughing/ giggling. That means there was something cool/ entertaining in the book. Watching TV entertains you, but some shows that you watch are just cartoons. You don’t learn anything. And you also wasted power. Reading is important. It is important because it strengthens your knowledge. Reading gives you knowledge of all things because in the school books you can find everything you used to learn how to read and write. It is the only singular ability that can alter and individuals life. Reduce Re-use Recycle. These are the three main topics you may see about going green. When I was watching TV I heard a very short song of these words. The song goes Reduce Re-use Recycle “cha cha cha.” Reduce. You should reduce your power turning off the lights when not in need. You could also turn off you air-conditioner when it’s not really a hot day. Re-use. You should re-use your bottles. You could re-use your bottles once or twice. You could also use your clothes again. If they don’t fit you right give them to the poor. Recycle. You should recycle your cans. Gather all the cans in one or more bags and recycle them. Recycle paper such as phone books. Collect as much phone books and give them to your school. You should recycle so that you could help save the earth. You could recycle...
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