Greeks Iliad

Topics: Iliad, Achilles, Trojan War Pages: 2 (460 words) Published: October 23, 2010
Essay 1
Which warrior best encompasses the idea of kleos in the Iliad? The story Iliad tells about great warriors and their battles between the Greeks and Trojans. Different characters play a different role, for example hector is the noble prince of the Trojans who tries to protect his homeland from the Greeks. And then it is Achilles who is a great warrior in battle and wants to capture the Trojans and have their women for slaves. The story is mainly about honor and reputation.

Achilles would play an important role in the book of the Iliad. I would say that he was the ring leader when it came to fighting. Every battle that Achilles fought in was gruesome. Achilles fighting skill was what gave him great honor. He had a reputation for being an epic hero in great battles. He fought with proud and dignity and unison with his warriors. He is a proud and headstrong person who had to fight for everything he received. In The Iliad, I see that Achilles achieved his first honor on the battle field. His prowess and ferocity in personal combat gives him the appearance of invincibility. Achilles had a very short temper and could take offense very easily You bloated drunk, with a dog’s eyes and a rabbit’s heart!”. In the story Iliad Agamemnon dishonors Achilles by taking his prize possession that sends Achilles over the edge “I’m coming to your hut and taking Briseis, your own and beautiful prize, so that you will see just how much stronger I am then you”. Being a war prize, Briseis became Achilles' property. So to have Agamemnon, the one who awarded Briseis to Achilles, taken away because his own war prize was taken, was a slap in Achilles' face. His pride and his honor had been slighted. Two virtues that mean nothing to us in our society today means everything to a warrior were just taken away from him. To make thing worse it was taken by someone who in Achilles' eyes was a coward. He was wronged, and to make up for that wrong he decided to sit out the rest of the war...
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