Greek vs Roman Philsophy on physical education

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  • Published : September 23, 2014
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Roman and Greek philosophies influenced modern physical education in difference ways. The purpose of this paper is to compare and contrast the different philosophies or beliefs the Greek and Roman cultures had. They each had different beliefs but they also shared some similarities.

The Greeks established much of the Western’s world belief about physical education. There were two metaphysical systems in Greece: Naturalistic and Anti-naturalistic. Naturalistic means a man’s nature is both spiritual and physical. Anti-naturalistic means man’s nature created by mind. Both views believed in an importance on mind, the difference in beliefs was the body. w

Sparta and Athens were each a part of Greece and they each had different philosophies on physical education. Sparta believed highly in physical education. Therefor they were physically fit and great soldiers. Sparta was the military center and power of Greece. Athens was the center of culture and learning. Athens believe physical education had a prominent place in education.

Romans were polytheistic like the Greeks. Most of their gods were the same as Greeks but with Roman names. Romans were great engineers although they did not do as much scientifically as Greeks did.

Romans philosophy on physical education was similar to Sparta. They believed in being physically fit and strong soldiers. Philosophers of the Roman Empire provided code of conduct, critical to the development of citizens and the survival of the Republic. The early republic of Rome stayed physically fit but did not believe in the Greek way of competition. Over time this began to change and Romans became less interested in being physically fit. They became a Republic of spectators. The games did not translate to physical education as they did in Greece.

Greece and Rome both had an impact on physical education. There philosophies were a lot alike at first but, over time Rome’s philosophy began to change. In my opinion the Roman change was not...
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