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  • Published : April 16, 2013
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Today, everything we do and say can all be related back to the Ancient Greeks and the Romans. The ancient Greeks and Romans made many contribution that we still use in our every day lives. The Greeks and Romans have made contributions to our world such as art, literature, architecture, law, and religion. Many people don’t realize how big of a difference the Greeks and Romans have made in our lives. If it weren't for the Greeks and Romans a lot of materials that we use today would not even be around.

The Greeks maintained a religion but began to separate the conduct of the state from the religion. They believed in logic and rational thinking in order to develop solutions. The Greeks had a group of people rule the city rather than a King, which created a form of democracy. This rule allowed the people to have a say in their government and the direction they wanted to take it which seemed to bring a happier nation for the Greeks. Art, literature, and architecture also seemed to grow in these conditions. Even today you can find many nations that use the democratic method in their nations because of the Greeks. Also, logical thought is used to make decisions in Government and also in peoples personal lives. The Romans took the Hellenistic thought of the Greeks and made it more concrete. Like the Greeks, the Romans also debated on the affairs of the state and initially used a republic government to decide the role on earth their nation should take. Because of the conquests of the Romans, this line of thought took a greater foothold throughout the Mediterranean that allowed it to continue into modern thought. The Romans also built efficient roads, sewers and running water that greatly improved the welfare of its citizens which helped to create a long period of peace. This in turn led everyone under Roman authority to take a sense of pride and changed the city thought of life into a world concept. You no longer were a patriot of just your city, but of Rome, even...
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