Greek Mythology and Athena

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  • Published : March 4, 2013
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Midterm Exam
Part I - Multiple Choice (2 points each)
1. True myth is primarily concerned with:
a. the gods b. wars c. heroes d. animals
2. What does Athena offer to Athens in her contest with Poseidon? a. the knowledge of weaving b. the olive tree c. victory in battle d. wisdom 3. What goddess does Iris usually serve?
a. Athena b. Aphrodite c. Artemis d. Hera
4. With what goddess is Hephaestus often associated through practical wisdom, arts and crafts, and the advance of civilization? a. Hera b. Artemis c. Athena d. Aphrodite
5. Which goddess is not one of the three goddesses that Aphrodite was unable to overpower? a. Demeter b. Artemis c. Athena d. Hestia
6. Why did Gaia punish Uranus?
a. He killed their children as soon as they were born. b. He refused to lie with Gaia when she came to him. c. He refused to allow their children to leave the womb of earth. d. He wanted Themis to take her mother's place. 7. What animal is Athena most closely identified with?

a. the owl b. the dolphin c. the spider d. the lion
8. Aphrodite Pandemos means which of the following?
a. Celestial Aphrodite b. Common Aphrodite c. Genital Aphrodite d. Lustful Aphrodite 9. What Trojan youth did Zeus carry off to become cupbearer of the gods? a. Hebe b. Ganymede c. Hector d. Paris

10. What does the word chthonic or cthonian mean?
a. pertaining to the sea b. having to do with the earth c. related to the sky d. characteristic of the citadel 11. Who wrote the Theogony?
a. Homer b. Hesiod c. Vergil d. Ovid
12. Whom did Poseidon mate with in the form of a stallion?
a. Demeter b. Medusa c. Amphitrite d. Scylla
13. Who wrote the Prometheus Bound?
a. Ovid b. Euripides c. Aeschylus d. Plato
14. Which of the following is not an epithet of Athena?
a. Pallas b. Glaukopis c. Metis d. Tritogeneia
15. Who is the consort of Poseidon?
a. Galatea b. Scylla c. Amphitrite d. Thetis
16. Who is the hunter that caught Artemis bathing?
a. Orion b. Arcas c....
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