Greek Medicine

Topics: Ibn al-Nafis, Blood, Galen Pages: 2 (405 words) Published: January 13, 2012
Renaissance Medicine Questions;
2009 (c) Who is more important in the history of medicine, Andreas Vesalius or William Harvey? Explain your answer. (8)

Harvey is important in the history of medicine because he proved Galen wrong, explained circulation of blood, explained function of the heart and leads later to blood transfusions and end of bloodletting. He did this through experiments and developed his physiological knowledge. By explaining the circulation of blood he discovered that there was a measured amount of blood in the body and that blood flowed through a one way system. He also calculated how much blood was in the body. He proved Galen wrong because Galen had said that blood was being burnt up in the body. By finding this out, Harvey saved a lot of people because blood-letting was stopped and his theories later led to blood transfusions eventually.

Vesalius was important because he proved Galen wrong. This is important because Galen’s ideas were followed for centuries and were thought to be correct. Because of this no one developed any ideas, as they followed Galen. This limited their abilities so it was harder to explore and investigate. Vesalius proved Galen wrong by questioning his theories and proving them wrong. This made everyone question what Galen had said and explore and develop ideas further. Vesalius improved the knowledge of the human body. He also wrote books, such as ‘The Fabric of the Human Body’ which had a detailed and fully illustrated description of the human body. By writing the books, Vesalius was spreading his knowledge and ideas worldwide. By giving detailed illustrations, this became the basis for doctors and physicians by giving the pictures to follow. Vesalius also encouraged human dissection. He showed that doctors could learn more about anatomy and had to carry out human, not animal, dissection to learn more. Doctors believed that Galen had given a fully correct description of anatomy, so they didn’t continue to...
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