Greek Life

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  • Published : April 13, 2011
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March 13, 2011

Is Greek life (X) beneficial (Y)? Greek life at colleges or universities are very important and beneficial for a students’ four years of college. Many people that have not done their research fully or participated in a sorority/ fraternity will pass judgment about them by stereotyping them to be this awful organization but in reality they are a lot more then meets the eye. They serve a good purpose for these young adults’ futures. It not only will be beneficial in terms of their future careers but also help them grow as individuals. It is a strong organization formed for bigger reasons then most are aware of. If it wasn’t such an excellent source of connections and character building then why would thousands of people throughout the United States and my own university (Arizona State University) waste their time and money?

People assume Greek life is all about the social events and drinking parties, but what they don’t realize is not only what a student has to do to maintain being apart of their house but also the person they have to be to be in order to get noticed by the house they want. Yes, it is true majority of people are good looking, come from wealthy families, well-rounded, and are easily able to get along with a lot of people. Besides that they have goals, are ambitious, on the Dean’s List, help make the community a better place, donate, etc. Greek Life is extremely beneficial not only for making life long friendships but also for networking and getting jobs right out of college. It is an organization full of connections and people willing to give you a chance at something you might not of had prior to being involved in the Greek community. For example, as an incoming freshmen I had many goals that I was unsure of how exactly I would fulfill them. It is as simple as asking upper class students in your house questions or advice. They somehow have exactly what you need to succeed or know someone who would be of tremendous help to get...
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