Greek Life

Topics: Fraternities and sororities, Fraternity, Fraternal and service organizations Pages: 2 (600 words) Published: May 1, 2013
Over nine million students nationally are involved in the greek community. Studies show that being involved in a fraternity or sorority can help develop and build skills in many areas such as speech, social, and communication skills. The majority of the presidents and also over 70% of all Senators and Congressman belonged to a fraternity. A student longing to be a part of one of these organizations has many things to consider including, cost, location and recruitment. Another thing to consider is that some greek organizations have certain requirements for admission. Greek life can add many experiences to ones college journey.

Since many students find themselves stressed about paying for tuition the cost of sororities can add to that stress so cost is a very important thing to consider when deciding if greek like is the way to go. The costs of sororities and fraternities can greatly vary depending on the university and which individual organization students are trying to join. However they usually range anywhere from two thousand dollars and up. According to

Each sorority and fraternity portrays a different image to potential pledges its a student's job to find one that best suits their personality, interests and things they are looking to get out of their experience. Once students decide they are ready to be a part of the college greek community their journey has only just begun. Students have many tasks and responsibilities to complete before finalizing their spot in a fraternity or sorority . Not a lot of students realize that theres more to sororities and fraternities than just deciding one wants to be in one. You have to be pledged in and there are usually many aspects that go into being recruited to a certain one. The current presidents and other associates of these student unions have to meet the students and like their overall image. They often consider all the characteristics one might bring into their specific group. Students are often compared...
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