Greek Influence on Rome

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  • Published : November 18, 2010
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Roman architecture represents a fusion of traditional Greek and Etruscan elements, notably the trabeated orders, with new structural principles based on the development of the arch and of a new building material, concrete. The Romans achieved originality in building very late in their existence; for the whole of the republican period, Roman architecture was a nearly exact copy of that of Greece, aside from the Etruscan contribution of the arch, and its later three-dimensional counterpart, the dome. The only two developments of any significance were the Tuscan and Composite orders; the first being a shortened, simplified variant on the Doric order and the Composite being a tall order with the floral decoration of the Corinthian and the scrolls of the Ionic. Source: Roman architecture excelled at enclosing large spaces. Likenesses of these great Roman achievements can be seen in modern train stations, airports and sports arenas (both indoors and outdoors). The roads and aqueducts built by Roman engineers brought civilizing effects that were just as powerful as the art and literature of the Greeks. Source: Dalian's early buildings were mainly constructed in Russian style combined with French, Greek and Roman architecture. constructed during the Japanese occupation, followed by some additions to further developing the European style. Many of these well-preserved foreign-style buildings give Dalian a unique feature in the present. The area to the north of Jiefang (Victory) Bridge was the first place where reconstruction was planned after Tsarist Russia seized Dalian by force. Source: Certainly, the Romans absorbed Greek influence in many aspects closely related to architecture, for example in the introduction and use of the Triclinium in Roman villas as a place and manner of dining. But at this point so too should we note Roman indebtedness to their Etruscan neighbours and forefathers who supplied them with a wealth...
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