Greek Culture vs Roman Culture

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  • Published : November 30, 2012
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Greek Culture VS. Roman Culture
Gabraille Driscol
American InterContinental University
HUMA215-1204D Ms. Cheryl Lemus

Many people are unaware of just how alike the Romans and the Greeks are. They have many of the same cultures because they adapted them from each other. From modern art to the gods and goddesses. Everything that the Greek have the Romans also has. Yes there are a few changes that have been extracted throughout the two but they are similar to each other in many ways. Roman gods are known as the same thing that Greek gods are. But they have different names for them. The Roman culture is very un strict and focus of the greater good of the gods and mankind. These are just some of the few things that are focused with the Greeks and the Romans.

The Greece culture was one just like what the “New World” went through. Their period was made up of Polis better known as city states. Their society was broken up between free people and slaves. The free people kept the slaves. The slaves worked without pay many time and did hard labor such as the slaves of the 20th century. Many slaves lived with their master, but were over work and almost never paid. As their society evolved so did the people. They changed from free people to free men. They were divided between Citizens and Metics. If you were a citizen than both of your parents were from the Greece decent. Metics were foreign people that came over to Athens from other places to learn a craft. Many of them were forced to serve in the military. Metics also had to pay taxes and would never be considered a citizen. Women had no rights in the Greece culture any foreign affairs they were involved in was because of their husbands or a man they were involved with. When it came to their government many citizens were thought to serve on the government after taking part in the military. The Greek agriculture system was called orders, they had three orders. They...
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