Greek and Roman Gender Roles

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Greek and Roman Gender Roles
Jaime Aguero
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June 19, 2012
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Greek and Roman Gender Roles
Gender roles always have been an important topic throughout history, especially in the ancient Greek and Roman time’s genders played an important role. Males dominated all aspects of government and women were treated as subjects rather than a person. Greek and Roman times do not differ on how a person’s gender determined what he or she could do, for except in Roman times women had more rights.

In the ancient Greek period women did not have much say in any government aspects. The democratic government was made up on only men. Women could not own or even stay in the same quarters as a male figure. The roman male figure during this time was considering superior to anyone. Women did not qualify as citizenry in the Greek culture only males over the age of 18 that owned land were considered citizens. They could neither own nor inherit property under any circumstance. During the Greek Olympic Games women were not permitted to compete or observe, but they could host their own games. In these games they were allowed to pull hair and bend fingers, but not break them. Also during these times women sculptures were always clothed and never appeared nude.

In the Roman period women still did not have many more rights than in the Greek period. In this century men had mistresses and prostitutes, and it was not considered anything out of the ordinary. Also infidelity and divorce among married women was then common. They could still not vote or hold any government office positions. However, in this time period they did have a little more freedom. They could live in the same quarters as male figures and even own property. Women were also allowed to manage their very own legal affairs. Young girls of this period were allowed to be educated alongside the boys; most of the female middle class could read and write. Women of this period had much...
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