Greek and Roman Culture

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  • Published : January 20, 2011
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Research Paper: Final Draft
Roman and Greek Culture

Roman and Greek cultures have many differences, but also many similarities. Rome inherited most of their culture traditions from the Greeks, when the Hellenistic cities were conquered by the Romans; they liked the idea of a Greek lifestyle. This is how Greek lifestyle was incorporated into the Roman society. Greek art and architecture Roman art and architecture are very similar, but each has their own style. The following paragraphs will explain the differences and similarities of Greek and Roman art and architecture; with Greek art being known as the finer of the two at art, while the Romans had the better architecture. As for religion, the Greek’s were into gods and goddesses while the Roman’s preferred cult-style religions. Greek art and Roman art are both usually referred to as "classical art." Even though there are many similarities between Greek and Roman art, the differences are also very interesting and important. It is known that the Greeks were the main influences of the Romans in the world of artwork. Since the Romans conquered the Greeks, the Roman art relied on the Greek techniques. But, the Romans were also able to create their own original techniques to show their individual creativity. In art, the Greeks were interested in perfection, while Romans were interested in reality. In sculpting; the Greeks usually targeted mythology, while the Romans focused on historical events and actual people.

Architecture also has many similarities and differences between the Greeks and the Romans, things like the type of material and the type of tools that they used. The Greeks liked marble, while the Romans preferred cement and concrete. As for styles, the Greeks preferred Doric and Ionic architecture, while the Romans liked Corinthian. The Parthenon is the most famous Greek temple, which is dedicated to Athena, and it is Ionic and Doric style. The Pantheon is the most famous Roman...
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