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  • Published : January 27, 2013
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1: 427BC (4th year of the Peloponnesian war
* Plague visited Athens in 430, 429, 427 BC (30% pop dies) * Pericles began the war, the strategy was for athens to stay behind the walls (not to fight the Spartans on land – in funeral speech) – Spartans are better fighters * So many people behind the walls, not heigenic conditions, so plague could have came because of result of this strategy * Terrible strategy came out of the best intentions

* Pericles saying follow intelligent design
* Pericles is one of the early victims of his own best efforts (dies of plague) * 427 B.C
* things looking very bad
* Sophicles
* He saw pericles make Athens the most beautiful city * He saw Athens reach incredible heights
* He saw Athens come crashing down by the same hand that had elevated it (Pericles) * All of Athens was looking for answers
* How could Athens be so high and perish so quickly
* He is looking to provide answers

2: Some critiques of rational and technological society from the 19th century were made in a similar spirit * Late 1800’s Europe has achieved great things
* Science was advancing at an incredible pace (Darwin origin of species) * Technology was giving human beings a mastery of the planet (railways, steam energy, microorganisms and contain infection) * Europe had become the wealthiest place on earth

* Some thinkers saw:
* Endless warfare between state of Europe
* Natural landscape destroyed (pollution)
* Cities very industrial and ugly and full of misery
* Alienation (feeling of not belonging to human-natural environment – feeling cut off from the world – artificial cities) * Thinkers like Freud – Darwin - Nietzche
* Began to challenge the reason in human affairs
* Is reason in control?
* If yes why are we producing such misery on a...
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