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Greedy Americans

By | October 2012
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Are all Americans selfish and greedy? Harry Flood, makes it quite apparent in his “Manufacturing Desire” article, that he strongly believes so. He believes that all Americans are self-absorbed and only want the latest and greatest no matter what it is. Flood grouped Americans into one stereotype which didn’t seem very fair to me. There are people out there that don’t care about having the best of everything. In his writing Flood says, “The formula for our millennial prosperity is to keep your head down and your wallet open.” In other words Americans are openly oblivious to the events or tragedies happening around the world if they are in no way beneficial to themselves. But on the other hand are eager and ready to spend any amount of money to get the best of everything. Although he does bring forth many accurate portrayals of Americans, we do not all fit under the stereotype Flood has set. Harry Flood recognizes the problem that the people have, the false idea of the American dream, to have everything they could possibly desire despite the effects it has on not just the environment but the communities and the nation as a whole. He continuously fails to notice the group of Americans who struggle for what they have and don’t chase the American dream, the people who get up and work every day to keep a roof above their heads and food on the table. The everyday people who are content with what they have. The major focus of this article is on the wealthy Americans, who are wasting excessive amounts of money to make sure they have everything top of the line and trending. He doesn’t mention those who are investing and trying to make a difference. The human race will always strive for more then what they have, out of basic instinct we want better for ourselves and those around us, but not to the point that Flood makes it out to be.

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