Greed Is the Most Important Reason to Explain Why Conflict Exists.

Topics: Salem witch trials, The Crucible, British Empire Pages: 2 (642 words) Published: June 17, 2012
Greed is the most important reason to explain why conflict exists.

I have chosen to further explain “Greed is the most important reason to explain why conflict exists.” When you have serious conflict you will know who your friends are. Conflict occurs within our lives every day and as we notice people who tend to be motivated by jealousy which lends them to be greedy for what they value or want. The persona for this piece is VCE students who have studied ‘The Crucible’. The type of language I will be using are informal and formal language as I want my readers to understand and note how well I will express myself which some audience doesn’t really understand the impacts on conflict. By reading my piece I hope my audience will know that greed is why conflict exists and by basing on real world examples and examples from the crucible through an expository writing. The Article which will be later presented through a well-known newspaper company. In 1953, Arthur Miller wrote a novel called ‘The Crucible’ which the book was set in 1962 and it tells the story of the infamous witch trials that took place in Salem. Throughout this we find that greed is effect much of what happened in Salem, in fact greed caused the whole problem. Defining greed people see this as an intense and selfish desire for something and in this case power and wealth. From Abigail William’s lust for John Proctor, a married man, to Thomas Putnam’s greed for land to Judge Danforth’s greed for power and Reverend Parris greed for money, greed was shown out of control in Salem during these times. Conflict is a condition in which a person experiences a clash of opposing wishes or needs. The book really shows the effect that greed can have on people and how easily it can ruin a person. Abigail Williams, Reverend Paris niece, had an affair with John Proctor who was a married man. Her desire directs towards John Proctor and she would do anything to win his heart. When she tried...
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