Greece in World War 2

Topics: World War II, Greece, Resistance during World War II Pages: 3 (1058 words) Published: April 12, 2013
Impact of World War II on Greece under German Occupation Essay Sunday, April 6th, 1940 marks the day that Germany invaded Greece in World War II. This had a devastating impact on Greece, socially, economically and politically. More than 90 holocausts took place in Greece, in which the majority of the inhabitants were murdered, and in addition, more than 1700 villages were burnt down. The country underwent a famine, causing a vast majority of the population to die, and in addition, as a consequence of the resistance against the Germans, a civil war broke out in Greece, resulting in a major economic crisis. Altogether, a shocking 580,000 Greeks died during the war, and 50,000 of these deaths were solely due to the Germans. The massacres that occurred throughout Greece were regular, and reflected the ruthlessness and brutality of the occupation. More than 1700 villages, as well as hundreds of buildings, including churches, hospitals and schools were destroyed, many whilst people were still inside them. For example, in a village in northern Greece called Distomo, on 10 June 1944, the Germans gathered the residents in the school building and slaughtered them in horrific ways. After the Germans had finished, human bodies were hanging from every tree, pierced with bayonets. Hundreds of dead bodies of people of all ages, from elderly to newborns, were strewn around on the dirt. Several women were slaughtered with bayonets, their wombs torn apart and their breasts severed; others were lying strangled with their own intestines wrapped around their necks. Two hundred and thirty two people were killed that day, including men, women and children. The villagers were punished this way as they were suspected of providing help to a resistance group in the region, who had ambushed a German unit. The source attached, a photo taken at Distomo, on the day of the massacre, exhibits the blood left behind in a house after the occupants were executed. This photo demonstrates the...
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