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Marriage Compatibility through Matching of Horoscopes


Marriage Compatibility
(Part – I)

Through Anukulyas (Sources of Agreement)

By yenbeeyes


Marriage Compatibility through Matching of Horoscopes


No. 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 Description Introduction Marriage Important things to be seen while matching What is Kuta system of matching Importance of the Kutas Tables required for matching Anukulyas (Sources of agreement) explained Principles involved in other Kutas Special Considerations Common Janma Rasi Common Janma Nakshatra Destructive or Harmful Nakshatras Summary Some example charts analysed Common table of Compatibility Conclusion Annexure Navamsa Table Nakshatra-wise Compatibility 100 103 Page 3 5 6 8 11 14 17 53 64 66 67 69 70 73 95 97


Marriage Compatibility through Matching of Horoscopes

yenbeeyes 1. Introduction:
Today we are in a modern world. Marriages are not made in heaven nowadays but are decided by the boy and the girl themselves. Gone are the days when the parents of the boy and the girl decide on the suitability of the relationship between the boy and the girl and then decide on the unification of them. But, to some extent, it is still considered as a sacred occasion by the Hindus at least. Even when a boy and a girl decide to unite themselves in wedlock, majority of them still feel that whether their horoscopes are matching or not.

It is always advisable to approach a well known astrologer before marriage and have his opinion regarding the adaptability of the boy and the girl.

There are various factors which assume importance while matching of horoscopes for the purpose of marriage. I propose to divide them into three groups, first being the so called Kuta Agreement, the second - General study of the charts of the boy and the girl for various facets of life like – Longevity, Financial soundness, Multiple marriages, various Doshas etc., etc. The last part will be the timing of marriage as unless the chart promises proper timing of marriage, there is no point in going ahead with the matching. The first part viz. Kuta agreement is dealt with in this book.

Apart from the numerous articles that I had studied, I made a thorough study of Prasna Marga – English translation of Dr. B.V.Raman. The Chapter No. XXI deals totally with Marriage Compatibility. Every one will agree with me that Prasna Marga is one of the most important classics dealing in predictive astrology. According to Dr. B.V.Raman it reveals methods peculiar to the genius of Kerala. One important aspect of Prasna Marga is that - it considerably reduces the work load of many astrologers who had to refer to various classical treatises as references - on various celebrated treatises such as Mahadeva’s Muhurta, Santana Deepika, Prasna Sangraha, Gnana Pradeepika, Brihat Jataka, Shatpanchasika and Vidwajjana Vallabha to emphasize certain combinations. Another important book of which only portions are available with me – namely ‘Kalaprakashika’ was also referred and wherever there is a discrepancy between the two, I have mentioned it at the appropriate places. I also would like to place on record my sincere thanks to great authors like Dr. B.V.Raman, R. Santhanam, M.Ramakrishna Bhatt, Sanjay Rath, Sanjay


Marriage Compatibility through Matching of Horoscopes

Prabhakaran, PVR. Narasimha Rao, Iranganti Rangacharya and many more persons from whose writings I could gather many intricate things which I have used in this book. I heart fully acknowledge them through these lines as I could not get their permission directly to reproduce their principles.

It is quite possible that I might have made some grave mistakes in presenting the details and the fault is entirely my own. If the readers could bring out the errors or discrepancies found in this book, I shall be grateful to them and in my next edition, I shall have them corrected.


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