Greatness of Great Gatsby

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  • Published : November 27, 2011
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In The Great Gatsby, F. Scott Fitzgerald depicts a character that embodies great characteristics, Jay Gatsby. Gatsby’s greatness comes from his need to experience success and his will to achieve his dreams. Moving from a poor farm in the West to New York City, Jay Gatsby, formally known as James Gatz, changes his name to achieve the American Dream. He is a product of the Jazz Age, representing wealth, long parties and the high social status he occupies. Gatsby’s determination, nonconformity and audacity confirm his greatness in the novel.

At a young age, Gatsby begins on his journey to become someone significant. He dedicates himself to the achievement of the American Dream of being rich, successful and happy. Gatsby’s determination to becoming employed at a young age proved he wanted to make someone of himself, and would do anything to get to the top. After his work with Dan Cody, Gatsby has accomplished wealth and success. His desire of happiness relies on Daisy Buchanan; he is determined to pursue her to come back into his life. Determined to accomplish his reunion with Daisy, Gatsby moves to West Egg to provoke Daisy’s feelings for him. Instead of settling for an affair, as many people did in the 1920’s, Gatsby wants Daisy to divorce Tom Buchanan. His determination, continuous perseverance and refusal to let social and moral corruption of the time to interfere with his pursuits prove Gatsby to be unlike others of his time.

Gatsby can be described as a non-conformist for his qualities much unlike his peers, the aristocratic wealthy class for whom he throws parties for. Gatsby is an affable man and can easily strike up a conversation with his friendly manners and well known phrase, “old sport.” Gatsby is not quick to judge and respects everyone equally, Nick Carraway, for example, is not wealthy or wrapped up in the fast 1920’s life of parties and probation, but is valued and admired by Gatsby. He also welcomes Tom Buchanan into his house, regardless of...
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