Greatness in North Indian Music

Topics: Carnatic music, India, Hindustani classical music Pages: 3 (786 words) Published: May 1, 2013
Yooha Park

Greatness in North Indian Music

I am very inspired by the video that Asad Ali Khan plays Indian traditional instrument, Ruda Vina. Even though i do not know well about the technique of instrument, but still i can feel his energetic technique in his finger tips and rhythmical yet sophisticated rhythm in the music.

Raga is the melody that is consisted of Indian traditional music. There is a lot of different kinds of Raga and it is consisted of many different facts depends on start note and ending note, time and weather and tonic and subdominant. Raga is originated from the ward meaning 'color' in Indian traditional music, and it is developed as dividing into two style by south India and north India. There are two specific characteristic in Raga. First characteristic in Raga is scale and raga is based on seven note and has to made of more than 5 svara. The number of Svara is changed depends on the scale is going up or down. Second characteristic is Gakama. It means the way the note is ornamented in Indian music, and usually the scale is used by adding changing note or using portamento. There are short and characteristic phrase by using important facts in Raga, and it called Pakad in North India.

In many kinds of ragas, the music that i saw in the Youtube used Rafa Barbari same with Darbari Kanhad. It is one of the hardest and most important raga and it is very difficult to master. It is consider as the most profound raga and the center in the Darbari family of ragas. Raga Darbari is the last part of late night raga and it is very unique. It is created by Miyan Tasen in the royal court and it is requested by Emperor Akbar. Akbar had affection for Raga and he asked Tasen to sing it at late night, so Tasen made Darbari Kanhad that could be sung at late night. Most of the Darbari Kanhad's mood is romantic and joyful and it is very popular style in Indian Raga. Darbari Kanhad has seven swaras which is a note in the octave :Sa, Re, Ga,...
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