Greatest Strength and Weakness

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  • Published : April 5, 2013
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I feel that one of my greatest strengths is not getting involved in other people’s cattiness and drama. I have always been one to listen when a friend needs someone to talk to and I always tried to be understanding, but I always hated seeing people others try to take sides in arguments. In my experience this is how a lot of people lose friends and how clicks are started. In high school I was able to be friends with all different kinds of people with no problem, whether they were jocks, preps, or nerds I was able to get along with just about anybody. I even had a few friends that hated one another but I always just stayed neutral in it all. I think this would help me with a RA position because I would be able to listen if people were having problems and find a solution to the problem without taking one person’s side over the others.

I feel that one of my changes is that I am not always as aggressive as I need to be. If there is a problem I often find myself trying to stay out of it. The only time I ever get involved is if I think that I really need to. I am also not always as aggressive as I should be when it comes to things like my grades. My mom always is telling me that if I don’t think I got the grade that I earned I need to ask why and see if I can fix it or what I could do the next time. I always work hard but sometimes I find it hard to approach someone like that and ask for a better grade. I feel that becoming a Resident Assistant will help me overcome this and I will learn to become more assertive when I need to be. I would also be able to help other people that are like me and teach them to be more assertive.
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