Greatest Place on Earth

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The Greatest Place on Earth

I believe the Greatest Place on Earth is Greenville Tennessee. The time that me and my family spend there are magical. I call Greenville Tennessee the Greatest Place on Earth because of the times and the memories that has been spent and made there. The country roads are so peaceful and clean, the air is fresh and the people are super nice. There are so many things there to do and most of the things that we have found are free. There is the beautiful waterfall that is so peaceful to take the kids to play while you sit by and read a book and drift away into what I call the fantasy world. The kids will play for hours in the falls a beautiful place where my family and I love to take pictures and capture the moments of our lives. Where the waterfall has crystal clear water and the sounds from it is so peaceful and relaxing my family always chose to go to the waterfall for those very reasons.

There is also a place where there is small sandy beach better known as the kids own mini personal beach where they enjoy the hot summer days of swimming, building sand castles, and playing beach volleyball with the rest of the family. The family sits back and lets the children enjoy the sun and sand while they relax in the sun with a book or listen to music as memories are made once again. The children all feel special because the small sandy beach is what they like to call their very own.

Then there is what we all call outlook landing it’s an intense hike up a mountain side in the woods that will leave to tired and sweating, but well worth the hike. Once getting to the top all the stress that the world throws your way leaves and the sight is the most beautiful thing that my eyes have ever saw. The mountain is such a beautiful sight being able to see for miles and miles around, with the big rocks to set on and look out over the mountain you are able to see the three surrounding states. Packing drinking supplies and food to cook while on the...
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