Greatest Movie Ever Sold

Topics: Quentin Tarantino, Advertising, Film director Pages: 2 (328 words) Published: September 16, 2012
Due: Friday Sept. 21st at 11:00pm
Worth: 25 pts
Turn-in: dropbox
Format: paragraph format, double-spaced, about 2 pages

Directions: Watch the Greatest Movie Ever Sold: As you watch the movie, take notes about significant ideas presented. After you have finished watching the movie, you will write a critique about the movie following the format below:

Paragraph #1: Overall reaction, thoughts about the movie, if you learned anything, etc. Paragraph #2: Brand selection for movie (see list below for possible questions) Paragraph #3: Product placement issues (see list below for possible questions) Paragraph #4: Topic of your choice

Paragraph #5: Concluding paragraph

We will read more about this topic later in the semester. If you would like more information now, see pg. 431 in your book.

Brand Selection for Movie
1. What process did Morgan go through to get brands to sponsor his movie? 2. Why would a brand want to sponsor this movie (which ones did)? Why wouldn’t they (which ones didn’t)? 3. How might Morgan’s “brand” influence the brand sponsors of the movie (remember he did Super-Size Me)? 4. How did Morgan make sure his brands were a good match for his movie? Product Placement Issues

5. What was suggested to notify a viewer that a product placement is taking place? What do you think about this idea? 6. Discuss the issue between movie directors and brand sponsors. How could brand sponsors potentially influence how a movie is made? 7. What brand didn’t want to be in a Quentin Tarantino film? Why didn’t they? 8. Why do brands need to protect their brand?

9. What issue did the movie present regarding banning billboards? Do you agree with this idea? 10. What legal issues did Morgan encounter during the film? 11. How did Morgan incorporate a school into his advertising? What do you think...
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