Greatest Fear

Topics: Roller coaster, Amusement park, Cedar Point Pages: 3 (1135 words) Published: November 6, 2012
Mazandrea Guiam
Class 151B-20
Essay #2, Prompt #1

Trying Something Out For the First Time

Everyone has their biggest fears, and growing up, mine was to experience a rollercoaster ride. My fear for heights has always made a big impact on me. From being not able to look down from a bridge for more than ten seconds to still getting petrified when that elevator ride gives that “floating” feeling, being afraid of heights tend to always make me different from others. It made me feel shameful every once in a while whenever my friends were in my presence and all they talked about was how much they enjoy riding roller coasters. It sure made me feel like an outcast and terribly uncomfortable since I always called myself “Ms. Who-Can’t-Even-Look-Down-A-Bridge”. Yes, I would even get mad at my own self for being afraid of heights. I’ve always been scared of change and was willing to stay in my comfort zone forever. I made a pact to myself that I will never ride roller coasters, ever. Before, I’ve always wondered how embarrassing it would be like if I ever went to an amusement park with my girl friends since they all had nothing to be afraid of while on the other hand, I did.

Unfortunately it was for me, one summer day, my friends and I actually went to the amusement park, California’s Great America. When I first heard the plan, I knew I did not want to go and be any part of this trip whatsoever. However, since it was summer and my friends and I just wanted to be regular teenagers who always want to make the best out of everything, I gave in and actually decided to go with the girls. Excited for the junk food and quality time with my best friends, I sure was. Yet, I was also frightened and shaky regarding the roller coasters. I thought to myself that if these girls were going to force me to ride a roller coaster with them, they are not my true friends at all. The very first thing I noticed was everybody pointing at the roller coasters as if they all wanted to ride...
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