Greatest Fear

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  • Published : July 25, 2012
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Greatest Fear

The fear I have in my life is my fear of syringes and blood. As far back as I can remember, getting a small shot or having blood taken out for testing has resulted in my passing out or, throwing up in public. I cant remember a time that i have gotten a flu shot or had blood taken, that I haven't gotten sick. I dislike the feeling of having any form of needle pinch my skin, and the feeling of liquid leaving your veins. Even a slight pinch, a needle from a flu shot makes me uneasy. The most embarrassing, the sight of actual blood, discussing or even thinking makes me nauseous. In high school when we had to dissect a frog in science class I literally passed out. This strange fear of mine will probably not go away any time. No matter how old you are there's always something you are afraid of. I will never know if my fear of syringes and blood will ever go away as I age. These are my two greatest fear, it is not because is dangerous, the needles or having my blood taken out, it the sight or the thought of blood that gets me. I have overcome many of my fears in the past, and i know that I will get over my current fears in the near future. However overcoming our fears is a mark of our growth in maturity as humans. I know that as I age, with support from friends and family I can overcome them.
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