Greater Good

Topics: Property, Crime, Ownership Pages: 2 (736 words) Published: December 13, 2012
Michael Jenkins
Prof. Darling
December 11, 2012
Leading Change for the greater good
Having been anointed with the position to rule over the new government of Texas, I have developed three key issues that are in desperate need of reformation to better the standard of living and educate our civilians. Although Texas was a very self-sustaining with massive economy just in its self, we also received many funding grants to help cushion our day to day lives. Through my new ambitions to improve our states policies within our Education programs, Property Taxes, and the reform of legal and illegal drug usage; I believe we can achieve much higher standards of living throughout thousands of communities state wide. Texas being in the bottom end of spending rates for public education in the 50 states, we can directly see its reproductions. Texas dropout rate for in 2010-11 was at 2.4% in which is roughly 1.3million students saying “F that” to education. From personal insight I have a strong belief in my new polices to pay teachers on a merit scale. Everyone loves money as well as coming out on top in whatever you are competing in. (Especially Texans) Paying teachers based on hard evidence of improvements within the classroom will turn their jobs into more a competition rather than a burden. Speaking for every property owner in Texas, I believe we can come to common grounds that paying property taxes every year is not appreciated. Although the money is not wasted by the government, it could be distributed into our economy instead of paying off officials’ salaries. One may not owe any money to a bank for their property or still have 25 years on their property, no one can actually feel the satisfaction of owning their own property because if your property taxes are not paid in full; the government have all right by law (before me) to confiscate all land. By doing away with property taxes in full, I believe raising the sales tax to around 11% will bring a lot more money...
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