Great Words

Topics: Pakistan, Lahore, Islamabad Pages: 15 (1929 words) Published: December 4, 2012
Compiled by
Syeda Hina Batool
Lecturer, Department of Library & Information Science, University of the Punjab (List prepared on August 20, 2009 based on HEC Website)

|Sr.No. |Title |Publisher |Category |Subject | | |Al-Adwa |Sheikh Zayed Islamic Centre, University of the Punjab, Lahore |Y |Islamic Studies | | |Almas |Department of Urdu, Shah Abdul Latif University |Z |Urdu | | |Ancient Pakistan |Department of Archaeology |Z |Archaeology | | | |University of Peshawar | | | | |Ancient Sindh |Department of Archaeology |Z |Archaeology | | | |Shah Abdul Latif University | | | | |Annal of PIMS Journal |PIMS, Islamabad |Under process |Medical Sciences | | |Archaeological Review |Sindh Exploration and Adventure Society |Z |Archaeology | | | |Karachi | | | | |Bazyyaft |Department of Urdu, Oriental College, University of the Punjab |Z |Urdu | | |Biologia |Biological Society of Pakistan, GC University, Lahore |Z |Biology | | |Bulletin of Education & Research |Institute of Education and Research, University of the Punjab, Lahore|Z |Education | | |Central Asia |Area Study Center, University of Peshawar |Y |History | | |Danesh |Iran-Pakistan Institute of Persian Studies, Islamabad |Z |Persian | | |Daryaft |National University of Modern Languages, Islamabad |Z |Urdu | | |Defence Journal |SMS Block, Defence Hockey Stadium, Karachi |Y |International Relations | | |Al Dirasat Al Islamiyyah (Arabic) |Islamic Research Institute, International Islamic University, |Z...
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