Great Wolf Lodge Weekend

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Have you ever heard of the famous Great Wolf Lodge indoor water park? Last September, Tommy and I took the kids there for the weekend and had an amazing time. We had a great time because the whole place was very family-friendly. There was more than enough activities to keep the whole family excited and busy the entire weekend. The most exciting and enjoyable place that I have ever visited was the Great Wolf Lodge in Charlotte, North Carolina. There was a huge indoor water park with great food, arcades, bowling alleys and lots of other activities for us to enjoy.

We spent most of the weekend at the indoor water park. There were two different slides where all four of us could ride in one raft. My favorite ride was the Howlin’ Tornado, which dropped riders into a six-story funnel in the beginning. Once you are through the funnel, it throws you back and forth up thirty feet on each side while spinning you around in circles. It was a real rush! We all enjoyed the Slap Tail Pond wave pool, which had three-foot waves every few minutes. We rode the waves on a tube for part of the time and then relaxed in the edge of the water the rest of the time. Fort Mackenzie was a neat four-story interactive tree house with two smaller twin slides called Totem Towers on one side. At the very top of the Totem Towers, there was a giant bucket that filled up with water nonstop. Once the bucket was full, it would dump 1000 gallons of water over the entire tree house and everyone around it. There was so much water spraying from every direction that it was impossible not to get drenched. It was fun and exciting to anticipate when the bucket would empty again.

When we were not getting wet at the indoor water park, we went to a few of the different restaurants. For lunch, we ate at Pizza Hut Express and we thought it would be like all of the other times that we had eaten at Pizza Hut. It turned out to be the best cheese pizza my family had ever eaten. It was the thickest and...
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