Great West Casualty Case Study

Topics: Lawsuit, Public relations, Vice president Pages: 2 (689 words) Published: March 8, 2012
Great west casualty case points
The mishaps in this case are due to miscommunications,
The way that Zucaro found out about these events shows that there is very poor communication in the company. Even though Great West Casualty Company is an independent subsidiary of Old Republic, the CEO should have heard about the issue before reading one of the nation’s biggest publications, The Wall Street Journal 1. Great West has just one employee for handling their whole communications department. with no monitoring from anybody else One employee handling all the claims is not the proper way a company should be organizing their department. 2. When the newspaper articles came out regarding the lawsuit, Great West's employee refused to comment, saying only that Ms. Witherspoon was "negligent." 3. The claims adjuster who stated the case was closed should have sought out more information if that is what the customer was demanding. If he had enough time to file a lawsuit, he have had enough time to provide more customer service. 4. Lang being Witherspoon's only daughter has the right to know what happened to her mother. Lang should be able to call and ask questions and get valid answers without having to make a threat to reopen the case. Lack of approval

5. Since the claims adjuster was allowed to file a lawsuit on behalf of the company, this shows a lack of internal controls which started the problem. 6. Great West should report to Old Republic on any claim that is filed concerning controversial matters. There should be a checks and balances system in which a claim cannot be filed until a supervisor or upper level management has reviewed the claim. 7. Also, the companies do not seem to be linked internally. 8. There was no manual/procedures in place

9. Scott Rager, Great Western's executive vice president, concedes that the company is wrong in bringing suit, but never drops the lawsuit.

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1. the first and most proper course of action...
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