Great Times of Ancient Egypt

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Great Times of Ancient Egypt

By | December 2008
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Great Times of Ancient Egypt

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Today when someone dies there is a process of embalming that is done on the body, but in 2500 BC Egyptians began this process and it is called mummification. The Egyptians were very good at preserving the bodies because this process was a religious act and they took it very serious. The pyramids were built as the burial chambers for the Egyptians, but who was buried in them? Such elaborate thinking went into the burial process that suggests that the Egyptians were a little Preoccupied with life after death. They began very early to make plans of their death because they wanted to be sure their spirit could go on living after they died (Smithsonian, 1996). The Egyptians believed that when they were dead the mummified body was a home for his soul or spirit. If the body got destroyed, the spirit might be lost (Smithsonian, 1996). The cost of life after death was very high, so to start with only pharaohs were mummified. The more money you spent on your funeral and mummification the better chance you would have in the afterlife. Egyptians believed that the pharaohs were gods in the afterlife and their tombs being in pyramids were supposed to help them become gods. Also the more people at your funeral and that mourned your death, the better of a chance at afterlife you would have. So to ensure a large funeral a messenger was paid to spread the word about your passing so everyone would be able to prepare for the mourning. This was important because they thought that the more people that missed you and mourned you, showed that you were a good person and you were really liked.

The mummification process was a long one that took about seventy days to complete. The...

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