Great Speakers

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In the hopes of creating the vision of ourselves as ‘great speakers,’ it helps to investigate those whom we wish to emulate. A ‘great speaker’ does not have to be famous, rich, or in the public arena. Great speakers exist among us; in our schools, homes, workplaces, and houses of worship. This assignment requires you to choose one individual whom you would entrust with the title of a ‘great speaker’ and present them in a 2 minute presentation.

The presentation should entail the following:
1.A creative opening – Consider a quotation or rhetorical question to serve as your AGD (Attention Getting Device). Then segue into the disclosure of your speaker. Don’t just blurt their name out – set up the introduction. 2.Overview of the Speaker – include any pertinent history, background, or experiences that would allow us to receive and appreciate your choice. 3.Rationale for your Choice – Why did you choose this person? Discuss specific moments when they impressed you with their speaking demeanor and style. 4.2 Tips from the Pro – What are two lessons we can learn from this particular individual. What makes him/her different from other speakers? Be specific in your detail. Try to find two unique lessons for us to take with us after your presentation. 5.A creative closure – Avoid ‘that’s it’ or ‘and this is why I picked John Doe as a great speaker.’ Try to develop the ‘clincher’ – a statement that achieves closure in a very stylistic and confident manner.

Time Limit:Two-minutes with a fifteen second grace period.

DeliveryNo Lectern will be used; hence, note cards are the only option should you choose to utilize notes. Students are permitted no more than one note card, with a limit of 25 words total.

Delivery should reflect dynamic and exciting verbal and nonverbal delivery skills. Be sure to practice, polish, and perfect before you arrive to class next week.
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