Great Respect

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  • Published : September 26, 2008
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In this lifetime there is alot to respect, Not only respect people, elders, teachers, bosses, but you have to respect the traffic laws, cultural traditions and other people's feelings and rights,

We develop great respect for people we consider honest and lose respect for those we discover to be fake, and so we may try to respect only those who are truly worthy of our respect. We may learn that jobs and relationships become unbearable if we receive no respect in them; in certain social situations we may learn the price of disrespect if we violate a street law. We may also learn that how our lives go depends every bit as much on whether we respect ourselves. The value of self-respect may be something we can take for granted, or we may discover how very important it is when our self-respect is threatened, or we lose it and have to work to regain it. Some people find that finally being able to respect themselves is what matters most about getting off welfare, kicking a disgusting habit, or defending something they value; others, sadly, discover that life is no longer worth living if self-respect is lost,it is part of everyday wisdom that respect and self-respect are deeply connected, that it is difficult if not impossible to respect others if we don't respect ourselves and to respect ourselves if others don't respect us. Going back in time, respect played an important role in survival. If we think of a small tribe wandering in the desert we can imagine that a person not respected by anyone could be left behind and die. Such a person was considered to have no worth, no importance, no value to the group. This, I believe is the foundation of our basic need to feel respected. Nowadays it seems much more possible to survive without being respected. Someone could, for example, inherit a large sum of money, have many servants and employees and have salesmen constantly calling on him and catering to him, yet not be respected in the least. Someone...
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