Great Marketing Stories

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Great Marketing Stories

By | October 2010
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Accenture : High Performance , Delivered
Corporate Brand : Acccenture Agency : Rediffusion /DYR ( In India)

Brand Analysis Count : 307

Accenture is a unique marketing case study because of two reasons . It is one of the most aggressive corporate brand in the service industry globally and the

second re undertook in 2001.

ason is the rebranding exercise which it

Accenture was formerly known as Andersen Consulting. Anderson consulting was the consulting arm of Anderson Worldwide. Anderson Consulting was established in 1989 when the consulting practice of Arthur Andersen was hived off to form a separate company. Arthur Andersen had established itself as one of the major accounting firms and had a global presence. The consulting boom of 1990's boosted the image of Andersen Consulting. Soon Anderson Consulting had built a strong brand equity across various consulting domains. Both Arther Andersen and Andersen Consulting was independent business units under Andersen Worldwide. The fledging consulting business prompted Arther Andersen to enter the

consulting domain. This entry of Arther Andersen into the domain of Anderson Consulting started a messy fight between these two units which ended in the arbitrators courts. In 2000 Arbitrator ruled that Anderson Consulting was granted independence from Andersen Worldwide . Andersen Consulting had to forgo the brand in favor of Andersen Worldwide.

This forced the consulting firm to scout for a new brand name and identity. The brand name was selected among 500 alternatives. The process of selection of brand name was itself a unique event. Anderson Consulting had a huge brand equity among various business houses across different domains and geographies . Hence the new brand name had to reflect the existing brand values and sho

uld be relevant in the various geographies in which the company operated. More over the brand name and trademark should be...

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