Great Global Warming Swindle- a Review

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  • Published : October 14, 2012
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Inconvenient Fallacies in the Great Global Warming Swindle.

Throughout the documentary entitled The Great Global Warming Swindle, which is a direct response in the hope to refute the claims by Al Gore’s movie An Inconvenient Truth, numerous fallacies can be detected if one has the patience to sit through the duration of this dry film.

Repeatedly in the film, when global warming is discussed they use weak analogies with it to make global warming a positive thing; snazzy jazz music will play softly in the background and then attractive people in bikinis at the beach, giving the viewer the impression that a warmer temp is equivocal to beach paradise. It’s a weak analogy and a generalization because a couple degrees warmer in Europe or a temperate zone may not be that tragic, but what about the consequences of a few degrees temperate increase closer to the equator where the average temperate is consistently high? A few degrees warmer in Europe, or Minnesota might not be too tragic, but residents near the equator would undoubtedly disagree. A temperature increase on the Sahara desert, or anywhere along the equator would have definite tragic results.

Next the exuberant, expressive, and over-joyed professor Phillip Scott, when discussing the medieval warm period, states that if the temperature goes up- great riches will occur all over. “In fact whenever you describe this warm period it appears to be associated with riches”. However, the medieval warm period was a regional warming, NOT global. Again it is a sign of the arguer missing the point while also giving a weak analogy.

Furthermore, a couple fallacies can be found in the film when they show the Kokesch, 2 Kenyan Public Health Clinic outside Nairobi. This clinic utilizes a solar panel to have electricity. However, the panel doesn’t provide enough electricity for the clinic to use the lights and the refrigeration unit simultaneously on site. Its an appeal to pity- because these people...
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