Great Gatsby Vocab

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  • Published : April 24, 2013
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Caravansary| Inn; hotel| The first part of the word looks like caravan which is like a mini-mobile hotel.| Magnanimous| Benevolent; generous| The first of the word comes from the Latin word magnus, which means great, and generous people are great people.| Expostulation| Criticism; complaint| The first part of the word looks like expose, and when you criticize, you expose your complaints.| Truculent| Aggressive; rude| This word was used to describe how Tom was aggressively holding onto Wilson.| Grail| Sacred cup| I think of the Holy Grail, which is a sacred cup.| Redolent| Fragrant; reminiscent | The first part of the word, ‘redo’, will remind me that people who are reminiscent will redo what they did in their memories.| Benediction| Approval; praise| The word reminds me of eggs benedict and I have never eaten them before, but I would approve of eating them if I was ever offered.| Garrulous| Talkative; conversational| In the book, this word was used to describe a man who kept repeating what happened to Myrtle. | Fortuitously| Unintentionally | This word was used to describe how ghosts moved around and when I imagine ghosts they usually look like that don’t care where they’re going and just move without a destination.| Corrugated| Creased; folded| This word was used to describe how the surface of the pool slightly folded from the small gust. | Adventitious| Casual; foreign| The word looks like adventure and I would love to make having adventures like a casual thing for me.| Circumstantial| detailed| This word is often used to refer cases and when presenting a case’s evidence, one must be detailed. | Pasquinade| Burlesque; skit| The word looks like that word Pasquel, and that is the last name of an Mexican actress, and people act in skits.| Ulster| Cloak; coat| I remember watching a show called Doctor Who where one of the characters, who wore a large cloak, mentioned this word.| Bulbous| Arched; round| It...
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