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  • Published : December 12, 2012
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Colin Glassman
1st Hour
Great Gatsby Essay
The book The Great Gatsby there are many themes, characters, and motifs. F.S. Fitzgerald uses all of them very well. That is why The Great Gatsby is one the greatest novels of all time. Its based on finding love in a world where its hard to find. In the novel Fitzgerald shows the many sides to life. The rich, the poor and the in between. He tells the story of a man who came from nothing and became very rich. He truly showed the difference between rich people and middle to low class people and how far some people will go for love. He also showed how having a character narrate can't be all that bad and he made you think before calling someone great. In the novel Fitzgerald had Nick Carraway, one of the characters, narrate in the first person during the whole book. I felt that he chose the right path in a sense that you get to see it through a normal persons eyes instead of an omniscient narrator. In another way he lost some of the effect of knowing all the details about each characters lives and knowing all their emotions. He left that up to the reader to decide. In chapter three rich people in my opinion are being described as people who just show up to other rich peoples party’s. Nick said he was one of the few who had actually been invited while the rest of them had been driven there. He said that some of them wouldn't even be introduced to Gatsby, they just showed up and left. He also makes it seem like they really don't care for anyone else except themselves. As if they are better than anyone else because they have much more money than everyone else. F.S. Fitzgerald wrote his novel during the 1920's. This was probably the biggest decade in american history. We have fashion changes, behavioral changes and many more. In my opinion the characters portrayed his life at the time. He was a huge writer at the time. In a sense he might of felt that he was being self centered. The...
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