Great Gatsby in-Class Essay

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  • Published : January 15, 2012
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Prompt: Compare and contrast these two works—The Great Gatsby and “Strawberry Wine”. Do you notice similar imagery (colors, objects, words, etc.) between the two pieces? Are there similar themes? Do you think the woman has an unhealthy attitude toward her first experience at love? What about Gatsby? Support your position, providing reasons and examples from the two works. Your paper must have a clear thesis statement. The body paragraphs must be at least seven sentences, and remember to use transitions to help organize your ideas. Through the use of literary devices and character analysis, “Strawberry Wine” and The Great Gatsby portray an image of pointless reminiscing of the past. Gatsby and the woman in the song both did not reach their goal of true love.

Literary devices in “Strawberry Wine” and The Great Gatsby, such similes and imagery, present the idea that reminiscing in the past is futile to the present. For example, in “Strawberry Wine” the author states, “like strawberry wine”, and in The Great Gatsby Fitzgerald states, “like a flower and an incarnation was complete”, (111). Through these two quotes, both the author of “Strawberry Wine” and Fitzgerald show the beauty of reminiscing in past failed loves. Another literary device used in both “Strawberry Wine” and The Great Gatsby is syntax to convey the image of unsuccessful attempts at love. For instance, when Fitzgerald brings up the green light at the end of the dock in The Great Gatsby, and the author in “Strawberry Wine” states, “my first taste of love oh bittersweet”, these two lines use syntax to show the profound effect of a love and the failure to either hold onto it or to attain it. The idea of the green light in The Great Gatsby represents Gatsby’s unrequited love for daisy, and the author in “Strawberry Wine” presents her first love as a bittersweet experience. Literary devices such as syntax, imagery, and similes in The Great Gatsby and “Strawberry Wine” show immense passion but...
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