Great Gatsby Idolization

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  • Published : May 23, 2006
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In The Great Gatsby, F. Scott Fitzgerald conveys a message about idolization and adoration of individuals because of their wealth, power, looks, and belongings. In The Great Gatsby Nick tells the story of some of the inhabitants of the West Egg and the East Egg. Nick seems to have a cynical and scornful tone towards the residents of the West Egg and East Egg because of their immense lack of morals. He observes the dangers of wealthy living and admiration of others through Tom and Daisy, Gatsby, and Myrtle. In the story Gatsby loves Daisy because of her beauty and wealth, and Tom despises Gatsby for this. However, ironically, Tom is having an affair with Myrtle who is married to George. In the novel, Tom seeks the affection of Myrtle because she admires him, unlike Daisy who feels she is his equal.

One example of Tom and Myrtle's relationship is, "'Rumor is,' whispered Jordan, ‘that that's Tom's girl on the telephone'" (122). This quote takes place in the story while Gatsby and Nick are talking to Jordan and Daisy while Tom is on the phone with Myrtle. This shows his need for Myrtles love because even though his wife knows of his affair and she could easily leave him, he still persists. Tom disregards Daisy because of this adoration he is receiving from Myrtle. In addition to this example, when Nick was at Tom's party with Myrtle, Catherine tells him, "They've been living over that garage for eleven years. And Tom's the first sweetie she ever had" (39). This quotation is Catherine telling Nick of Myrtle's low class life style with George and how desperately poor they were and of how Tom is only her first affair. The quote explains why Tom loves Myrtle's affection for him so much by showing what type of life Myrtle came from and how she looks up to Tom. The difference in classes between Tom and Myrtle emphasizes how Myrtle believes he is a "better human being" than her; which makes Tom feel special. In another case, when Myrtle was telling Nick of when she first...
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