Great Gatsby Essay

Pages: 1 (367 words) Published: March 7, 2013
Connor Mcalary Reflections chapters 7 & 8 3/4/13
Ms. Nazer English Chapter 7
Throughout chapter seven Gatsby was canceling his parties because he was preoccupied by his love for daisy. Previously these parties were used just to lure in daisy to his elegant house, but now that he realizes she doesn’t want to come to his parties he calls them off. When Tom and Daisy ask Gatsby to join them in the city it was clear that they were confident that he would say no, but shockingly he said yes. I knew something was destined to go after Gatsby agreed to join them. I predict that something along the lines of and awkward confrontation about Daisy’s love for tom. Some clues that have led to this assumption are the realization that Tom, Daisy, and Gatsby are all going to New York together when daisy can only truly love and be with one of them. In addition in this chapter when we learn that myrtle has been struck by an automobile. I was quick to predict that it was it was Gatsby because if it were anyone else in the novel it would have made the end of the book less interesting for the reader. Some clues that led to this prediction were that Gatsby was the car situation leading us to believe the cars were going to have some sort of impact on the story. Chapter 8

Within chapter eight a problem that Gatsby was facing was that he his Myrtle with an automobile. He uses this situation as a way to try and get Daisy to love him. Gatsby’s willingness to take the blame for Daisy demonstrates his love he still has for her. Although Daisy seems to have a lack of concern for this situation Gatsby still isn’t hesitant to sacrifice himself for the women he has deep love for. If I were Gatsby I would have done the same thing he was doing because being rich and having a nice house really...
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