Great Gatsby Essay

Topics: The Great Gatsby, F. Scott Fitzgerald, Arnold Rothstein Pages: 2 (811 words) Published: October 15, 2012
Tess McGuinness January 29, 2012
English II HonorsMs. O’Connell

Something Gorgeous About Him

While thrown into this materialistic, money-oriented time period and setting in The Great Gatsby, one would expect to find equally egotistical and selfish characters, and for the most part, there are. Tom Buchanan is practically the definition of narcissistic when he is introduced with his arrogant riding clothes and supercilious manner. His wife Daisy is not that different, desiring nothing more than beauty and possessions and understanding only self-centered desires. One would then expect Jay Gatsby, the wealthiest of them all, to be equally unlikable. “Gatsby…represented everything in which I have an unaffected scorn” the narrator, Nick states in the opening on the novel. However, despite the dishonesty, materialism, and disillusionment, it is easy to find oneself liking Gatsby. “There was something gorgeous about him,” Nick also states, contracting his previous statement, “some heightened sensitivity” (6). Readers become fond of Gatsby despite the wrong he’s done and his involvement in the materialistic world because of his romantic and unselfish intentions. Although often proven to be a liar, his deceit is only a result of Gatsby’s desire to better himself in order to gain the love of Daisy. He constantly hides and shuns his past, lying to Nick, Tom, and Daisy about a plethora of subject pertaining to his personal history. However, he does not reject his past out of shame but out of his compulsive obsession with self-improvement (at a young age, he even wrote out schedules about goals and resolutions he had to better himself over the day). He also lies about how he acquired his wealth, telling Nick in several different occasions that he inherited his money and in others claiming he earned it, when in reality he obtained his money through bootlegging and other illegal acts within his association with Meyer Wolfsheim, who organized the...
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