Great Gatsby Chapter Five

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  • Published : March 24, 2011
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Matthew Marrero
English 2 H – Period 3
Mr. McDougall
November 30, 2010
The Great Gatsby: Journal Assignment
1). The Great Gatsby: Chapter 5:
2). Chapter Summary:
Chapter Five takes place on the day following Nick's revelations about Gatsby and Daisy's previous involvement. When Nick returns home to West Egg that evening, he finds Gatsby's house lit top to bottom with no party in sight, and Gatsby walking over to see him. Nick and Gatsby engage in a long conversation in which Gatsby makes several offers to Nick, among them a potential job position, as well as an offer to go swimming and take a trip to Coney Island. After declining these offers Nick assures Gatsby that he will phone Daisy the next day and invite her to tea. Nick calls Daisy, and, without mentioning Gatsby, invites her over for tea under the condition that she doesn't bring Tom. Gatsby arrives first on the rainy afternoon, and waits nervously for Daisy. Nick ushers Daisy into the house to find that Gatsby has disappeared, only to reemerge at the front door, looking pale and tragic. Gatsby then ushers himself into the living room and joins Daisy. The reunion is initially stilted and unnaturally polite, leaving all three people feeling somewhat awkward, but amid the tea preparations, a greater sense of ease overtakes the group. Excusing himself, Nick tries to give Gatsby and Daisy some privacy, but Gatsby, as nervous as a young man, follows him out. Nick sends Gatsby back in to Daisy, while he himself sneaks out the back and wanders around the house for half an hour. Upon his return, Nick finds Gatsby changed entirely. At the house, Gatsby passes into yet a third phase: wonder at Daisy's presence in his house. Daisy, at seeing Gatsby's array of shirts, buries her head in them weeping at their beauty. At chapter's end, Nick departs, leaving Gatsby and Daisy alone together.

3). Character:
* Name:
* Nick Carraway
* Description/Quote:
* "I realize now that under...
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