Great Gatsby Assignment

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  • Published : September 25, 2012
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“Extra! Extra! Read All About It - A tale of murder and adultery; when the fabulously wealthy collided with the criminal underworld.” The brightness of autumn soon crashed down in West Egg when they hear the news of three death tragedy in the space of a week. The community has come to a standstill as a local gentlemen explains “I never thought I’d hear of something like this in my own town..I have been too scared to leave my own house”. First was a car accident travelling back from New York hitting and killing a middle aged women. Evidence has been given to officers to suggest that the car journey involved a heated atmosphere as previously few passengers on board had an argument. This has suggested that the car was travelling at a higher speed that what it should have been, which then become clear when the car accidentally hits Myrtle she instantly dies. Officers that attended the scene said that “two man were horrified at the accident, whilst a women was stood calmly with no emotion”. Following the accident a man Known as Jay Gatsby has been found shot dead at a pool side. It is to be said that the women ran over in the car accident and the man involved in the shooting have links. The police have been told by local residents that George Wilson Husband of Myrtle Wilson who died in the car accident has been looking for Jay Gatsby as he is rumoured to be the driver of the car that hit Myrtle Wilson. Soon after the shooting of Gatsby, Wilson was found dead himself, after a team of forensics explored the crime scene the evidence was conclusive that George Wilson had committed suicide . The more evidence that is coming together from this investigation shows that the three people involved in this were closely linked as a friend of both Nick Carraway frantically explains to the an officer “ I return home from work this afternoon, too find that I no longer have a neighbour and that he had been shot”. Police are asking any other witnesses to come forward in hope to help investigate this further and to close the case. Gatsby was seen as a wealthy man of crime to his neighbours, he didn’t seem well liked in the neighbourhood and this clearly showed in his funeral. Again as friend Nick sadly says I feel like I was the only person “on Gatsby’s side”. Ex-lover of Gatsby doesn’t show any support to Gatsby in his funeral by not even sending a flower , friends believe this is because she wants to get on with her life without him. Poor attendance in the funeral shows that the man who is said to of moved to America to live his dream did not work out for him. Nick ends by saying “ he would of never reached his dream because he couldn’t give up his past, so maybe its for the best”. The investigation of who was driving the car still continues and the police are urging anyone with any information to contact the following number; 08263933862.

B- The character that I have chosen to discuss is Jay Gatsby, I have chosen Gatsby as I found I became more interested in him than any other character. Gatsby is a main character in the book, he is seen as a young man around 30 years of age. Jay Gatsby is a creation of James Gatz , who is seventeen-year old farm boy from North Dakota. “invented just the sort of Jay Gatsby that a seventeen-year-old boy would likely to invent” This shows his imagination and how big he dreams however it is just an illusion. Through out his life he seen wealth as a great importance, he achieved his goal of becoming wealthy by crime for example distributing illegal alcohol. Although becoming rich was a main priority for Gatsby he also wanted the love of Daisy Buchanan, he met Daisy as a young military officer in Louisville before leaving to fight in World War I in 1917. Gatsby immediately fell in love, however he lied to her about his background in order for her to return the love and make her believe that he was good enough for her. He almost lives his life and designs...
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