Great Gatsby and the American Dream

Topics: The Great Gatsby, F. Scott Fitzgerald, Jay Gatsby Pages: 3 (958 words) Published: November 27, 2012
The Great Gatsby and the American Dream

There is really no set definition of what the American Dream is, everyone has different views on what they see it as. The main idea of the American Dream is pretty much making it big and being successful in life, having everything you need, wealth, prosperity, love and happiness. Jay Gatsby portrays the American Dream in some senses but not to its full potential. Throughout the novel The Great Gatsby the American Dream isn’t shown in its positive light but, more of the opposite of that: more of the downfall or failure of it. Everyone wanted to be living the American Dream - the pursuit of happiness in life. In the 1920’s instead of going for things that brought happiness everyone seemed to revolve around money, wealth, and power. Instead of finding happiness with what they had they were all trying to attain money and power and believed this would lead to happiness. If they had all that already they took it all for granted and didn’t see everything that they had right there in front of them. Although it may have seemed someone had it all on the outside, once you really knew the person you could see that they weren’t living the best life and weren’t that much better than anyone else. The American Dream took a lot to actually achieve and no one really lived the actual dream because of many reasons but they were living some aspects of it. The three main characters fail to pursue the American Dream to its entirety - for Gatsby he tried to be something he wasn’t only so he could get Daisy and love, without this he was nothing; for Daisy it was because of greed she lived for money and social status which got in the way of her happiness and being with who she really loved; and for Tom his money gets in the way of morals and he took everything he had in front of him for granted. Jay Gatsby went from nothing to something to try to win over Daisy. His American Dream wasn’t about having material things, although it involved having...
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