Great Gatsby Analytical Paragraph

Topics: F. Scott Fitzgerald, The Great Gatsby, Jay Gatsby Pages: 2 (724 words) Published: October 9, 2012
Great Gatsby Analysis Paragraph

F. Scott Fitzgerald, in his classic novel The Great Gatsby, illustrates the American class system in three different categories: the “old” rich, the “new” rich, and the “not” rich. He shows how each class tries to reach the American dream and struggles to remain secure in the life inside America. Fitzgerald depicts the only class that survives is the “old” rich. In the first place, progressing throughout Fitzgerald’s novel, he derives that Tom Buchanan is inside the class system of “old” rich, because “His family were enormously wealthy – even in college his freedom with money was a matter for reproach – but now he’d left Chicago an come east in a fashion that rather took your breath away” (Fitzgerald 6). Tom and Daisy both shared the “old” rich lifestyle. Their house together was “more elaborate” and described as, “a cheerful red-and-white Georgian colonial mansion, overlooking the bay” (6). Tom Buchanan was born into the “old” rich class system. With the privilege of having that lifestyle, he will always have money to spend. He does not have to work for his pay, and will never lose it. Tom has the ability to live securely, and use his heritance to run away or hide from his problems. Fitzgerald uses Tom’s character to express the usefulness of obtaining money from one’s family wealth. In introducing Tom, Fitzgerald reveals the importance of wealth in the 1920’s by conveying to his readers that money can buy people out of hard times and can be the solution to variable mishaps. Similarly, Fitzgerald sets forth the image of “not” rich by creating George and Myrtle Wilson. George and Myrtle are “not” rich because they live in “the Valley of Ashes” (23). George Wilson is the owner of a beaten-up car repair shop, and is described as a “spiritless man” (25). Tom and Nick journeyed to the shop because Tom wanted to see Myrtle. The garage was sort of ‘trashy’ and described by Tom, a “terrible place” (25). The Wilsons are “not” rich...
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