Great Gatsby

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  • Published : April 22, 2013
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Throughout American history, the West has been seen as a land of promise and possibility—the very emblem of American ideals. Tom and Daisy, like other members of the upper class, have betrayed America’s democratic ideals by perpetuating a rigid class structure that excludes newcomers from its upper reaches, much like the feudal aristocracy that America had left behind. Valley of ashes: gray industrial dumping ground between west egg and NYC Tom: aristocrat

East Egg represents the old aristocracy, West Egg the newly rich, the valley of ashes the moral and social decay of America, and New York City the uninhibited, amoral quest for money and pleasure. Additionally, the East is connected to the moral decay and social cynicism of New York, while the West (including Midwestern and northern areas such as Minnesota) is connected to more traditional social values and ideals. Modernism:

* Emergence of capitalism (democracy+feudalism)
* Industrial revolution
* Scientific thoughts (facts) vs religious beliefs(faith) * Mixing of cultures and classes which brought with it whole new ways of looking at the world and perceiving reality

“Cant repeat the past? Why of course you can”: Gatsby wanted to relive the past and attempt to restructure it until it was perfection rather than accept what his past actually had been and for that matter accept his life as it was. Post WWI

Ulysses-james joyce
Past meets future
Multiple voices/languages
Fragmented cultures/fractures

Modernism first took place in the Jazz age and/or the roaring twenties; this period was all about prohibition and intolerance, flappers, gangsters, and crime. In 1919, the Eighteenth Amendment made it illegal to manufacture or sell alcohol. This helped to create a network of criminal organization in the trade of illegal alcohol. Moreover, in 1920, the Nineteenth Amendment gave the women the right to vote, which is what probably helped alter the traditional...
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