Great Gatsby

Topics: The Great Gatsby, F. Scott Fitzgerald, Roaring Twenties Pages: 2 (786 words) Published: December 4, 2012
Sierra Garland
Mr. Ward
English III
4 December 2012
The Great Gatsby the American Dream
The novel The Great Gatsby was written in the nineteen twenties when America was at its greatest. One of the things Fitzgerald shows is the American dream and how it can affect people’s lives. The novel goes through each characters life showing that not everyone gets what they want when they work hard for it. It also shows how people who get everything handed to them are snobby and can never be satisfied. Which he is proving the American dream is just an illusion (Dawson).

The American dream is to have freedom, happiness, and a happy life (American Dream). Fitzgerald not only shows the characters look on the America dream but the American dream as a whole since the roaring twenties was Americas greatest time period (Tariq 38). Also he is not just showing the American dream but the corruption of it too like when Gatsby or the Wilsons work their hardest for it; all it does is turn out tragic (Cengage). All Americans live in a world of lies one that will never be perfect, showing that the phrase American dream more likely describes a failure more then a promise (Lehan 106).

Gatsby is one of the main characters who worked hard to experience the American dream, but not for himself but to win back the woman he loves. Gatsby was born into a poor family, yet he would fill himself up with fantasy’s which later on became his reality (Rowe 87). Gatsby never succeeds to see through his failures, he just thinks money and wealth is a solution to his problems. But still with all the fortune he has worked for he still can not be happy because of his love for Daisy (Bewley 98). He has worked so hard for his dream he has let lies take over his life without even caring about his reality (Cengage). He is too committed to his pat with Daisy he can not understand she has moved on because that is the only dream in life he has set for himself to accomplish (Lehan 108). Gatsby has...
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