Great Expectations Summary

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  • Published : May 20, 2012
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Great Expectations

Great Expectations is one of many great books written by Charles Dickens, and in my opinion it will always be one of the great classics in English literature. Charles Dickens introduces Miss Haversham to the novel in the following way. The story is told by Pip, a grown man describing his experiences as a young common labouring boy in the early Victorian period. He sometimes tends to narrate the story as if through the eyes of an innocent child. The effect that has on the reader is that it brings out both a mature and young adventurous side in us, it also makes us feel sorry for Pip in a way, because of the way he was treated by his merciless sister. For example when Pip?s uncle Mr Pumblechuck tells Pip he has to go and entertain a woman he doesn?t know called Miss Haversham, his sister forces him to go even though he doesn?t want to with a threat. ?If Miss Haversham wants a boy to go and play there and of course he?s going, or I?ll work him?. The explanation for this is she never wanted Pip in the first place as he was dumped on her, so she was happy to get rid of him.

When Pip is delivered by his uncle (although Pip is not allowed to call him uncle) at Miss Haversham?s mansion, he is informally greeted by a pretty young girl called Estella, who he takes a liking to at first sight, even after she refers him as ?boy? in a rude manner repeatedly. Once he enters through the creaky wooden gates notices a few details that may reflect on Miss Haversham, for example the clock has stopped on quarter to nine, the hedges haven?t been cut in a long time and there are bars on every window to keep someone in or out. When Estella guides him through a ridiculously dark tunnel with a candle instead of opening a pair of curtains, this suggest Miss Haversham wants to keep the outside world and light away from her, it could even reflect on the mood she?s in. the effect this would have on Pip is that, to him it?s a big mystery in a dark not knowing were...
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